Comfort Circle Cassette Unit

Comfort thanks to unique discharge principle
The Biddle Comfort Circle cassette unit is designed for heating, cooling and /or ventilating shops and public buildings. With its stylish appearance and low noise level, this Comfort Circle is suitable for use in shops, showrooms, offices, reception areas and computer rooms. With its low build-in height of about 30 cm, the Comfort Circle is ideal for mounting above a suspended ceiling but it can also be hung freely in the room.

The Comfort Circle features circular discharge technology. The air intake and discharge take place through the round grille in the bottom of the unit. The conditioned air is then evenly discharged into the room in a circular pattern. Compared with a square grille, this circular discharge pattern, along with a low air velocity, yields a much better air distribution.

The devices that can both heat and cool have a unique, patented ring, which automatically selects the right discharge angle needed for the best downward penetration to comfortably heat or cool the room.

Why choose Comfort Circle?
  • Optimum discharge of air
  • Comfortable climate
  • Space-saving solution
  • Low noise level
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimum maintenance
Circular discharge
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