IndAC2 Industrial Air Curtain

In industrial buildings, warehouses, and distribution centers, doors are frequently left open for extended periods of time to facilitate transportation of goods, leading to a temperature difference between indoor and outdoor environments.

This results in energy waste and discomfort due to cold air entering and warm air flowing out. When the IndAC2 industrial air curtain is mounted above or next to an open door, it provides a very efficient climate separation at the lowest energy consumption. The comfort of staff operating near the door is improved by heating the cold incoming air through the air curtain, thus preventing draught.

The IndAC2 air curtain can be used for climate separation between indoor and outdoor environments, as well as indoor climate separation between two spaces with different temperatures, allowing fast and safe logistics whilst saving energy, in turn providing a high return on investment.

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  • Features & Benefits

    • Separation efficiency
    • Safer and faster transport
    • Stable indoor climate
    • Maximum efficiency
    • Comfortable working conditions
    • High performance stepless fans
    • Accessible entrance

    • Continuous optimal comfort
    • Maximal energy savings (up to 75%)
    • Self-regulating: always the correct setting
    • Touch screen and intelligent
    • Communication with GBS/Modbus possible
  • Double rectifier

    • Significant climate separation efficiency (80%)
    • Excellent downward penetration
    • Minimal air volume, air speed and heating capacity
    • Energy efficiency
  • Automatic Controls

    • Self-regulating
    • Always the correct setting
    • Intelligent software
    • b-touch control panel
    • Modbus communication
  • B-Controls

    • Stepless control (0-10 V)
    • EC fans
    • Easy to set
    • Control multiple devices
  • PDF
    Brochure | IndAC2
  • PDF
    CE Declaration | Indac2 - Industrial Air Curtains
  • PDF
    Manual | IndAC2
  • PDF
    Manual Modbus BACnet


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