The SR comfort air curtain, IndAC2 industrial air curtain and the NOZ2 air heater incorporate the automatic CHIPS technology. This cutting-edge technology ensures that these products provide a consistent and comfortable temperature, regardless of external conditions. 

Patented technology

The CHIPS system constantly monitors the temperature of the air passing through the unit and adjusts the heat output accordingly, ensuring that the desired temperature is maintained with maximum efficiency. 

CHIPS allows to maintain the perfect balance between discharge, speed, and heat input, making automatic adjustments to ensure that energy is not wasted. This helps to reduce energy costs and contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly building operation, maintaining a consistent and comfortable indoor environment.

Key advantages

  • Continuous optimal comfort

  • Touch screen and intelligent

  • Maximum energy savings (up to 75%)

  • Communication with GBS/Modbus possible

  • Self-regulating: always the correct setting

Automatic climate separation

Information regarding indoor/outdoor temperature around the doorway is collected by means of various sensors. The CHIPS technology uses this information to select the correct settings. The temperature and fan speed of the IndAC2 and SR are automatically and independently adjusted to the changing conditions around the doorway.

The result is that the air curtain always has sufficient strength to reach the floor (optimal climate separation) and adequate heat to warm the incoming air to the requisite indoor temperature (comfort).


Automatic climate control

In order to ensure the correct functioning of the NOZ2 air heater, the CHIPS technology automatic setting continuously strives to detect and maintain the optimal combination of air and heat. The CHIPS technology tunes into the respective requirements prevailing in the different rooms and delivers accordingly.

The result is that the air heater always has sufficient air velocity to reach the floor (optimal climate control) and sufficient heating capacity to warm the incoming air in such a way that the desired room temperature (comfort) is achieved.


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