Air2Air Heat Recovery System

Commercial buildings of all types have become increasingly well insulated to maximise energy efficiency. This makes them more cost effective to heat and run. However, it can have a negative effect on the indoor air quality. Good ventilation is essential to prevent this, but if it isn't carefully controlled, it can lead to heat loss and increased energy consumption.

Biddle’s proven ventilation system with heat recovery pre-heats clean, fresh air as it enters the building using the energy/warmth from the air that is vented out. As a result, it is not only highly energy efficient, but also very cost effective.

Fully compliant with the latest UK and European legislation, the Biddle system can reduce CO2 emissions associated with heating and ventilation by up to 90%. 

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  • Features & Benefits

    • Fits into very compact spaces
    • Can be recessed or fitted below the ceiling
    • High-performance stepless EC fans
    • Low installation height (minimum 2.7m to underside of unit)
    • Easy to clean and replace components
    • Plug & play site wiring
    • Easy to install

  • B-Touch Control Panel

    The user-friendly b-touch control panel can be used to switch the unit on and off, adjust the room temperature and change situation specific settings.

    Air2air units feature built-in intelligence, which means they can also function without the b-touch control. When this is the case, the control panel is only required for servicing purposes.

  • Counterflow Technology

    The Biddle Air2Air Heat Recovery Unit improves air quality and reduces energy consumption using counterflow heat recovery technology. Waste heat is extracted from warm, polluted air as it leaves the building and transferred to cool fresh air as it flows in.

  • Operating Modes

    • Full Heat Recovery
    • Recirculation
    • Night and free cooling
    • Summer By-pass
    • CO2 control
  • PDF
    Brochure | Air2Air Heat Recovery System Biddle
  • PDF
    CE Declaration | HR Air2Air
  • PDF
    Manual | HR 12
  • PDF
    Manual | HR 25,35,45
  • PDF
    Manual Modbus BACnet


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Complete Climate Concept

The Biddle Air2Air Heat Recovery unit can be used as a standalone solution in conjunction with a duct system in the building, or as part of a complete Biddle climate system together with:

  • The NOZ2 Range of energy-efficient air heater & coolers, which provide comfort in large rooms with high ceilings
  • Comfort Circle Cassettes, which combine heating, cooling & ventilation in one ceiling unit are ideal where a false ceiling is in place
  • The Biddle range of air curtains and fan coils
SR Comfort Air Curtains
SR Comfort Air Curtains
NOZ2 Heating
NOZ2 Heating
Comfort Circle2 Cassette Units
Comfort Circle2 Cassette Units
NOZ2 Cooling System
NOZ2 Cooling System