Multi Air Stream Technology

Biddle has created a cutting-edge technology designed specifically for refrigerated warehouses with temperature differences of 30 to 40°C between cold stores and loading areas. This innovative technology ensures that the cold air remains inside the storage area while providing a comfortable working environment for employees in the loading area, preventing frosting.

Automatic B-stream setting

To separate the front hall from the cold store, three air streams are utilised, all of which have the same direction and speed, but differ in temperature and air humidity. These air streams work by intaking air from both the cold store and front hall, and then discharging cold and warm air in the doorway. However, the two outer air streams have a significant difference in temperature and absolute air humidity which can lead to condensation where the streams meet. To prevent this, an intermediate air stream (B-stream) is introduced, which is drawn from the cold store and heated, resulting in relatively low humidity. By adding this intermediate air stream, condensation is avoided, and the separation of the front hall from the cold store is maintained effectively.

Key Advantages

  • Stable climate in the refrigerated warehouse

  • Always on the correct setting (automatic B-stream regulation)

  • No mist and no ice buildup

  • Energy Efficient

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