NOZ2 Cooling System

In older buildings, factories and warehouses, traditional unit heaters have been used for many years to address the heating and air distribution needs. In newer buildings constructed to higher standards with better insulation, the heating demand is falling, but the need for good air distribution and ventilation remains paramount.

The NOZ2 range was specifically designed for large rooms and buildings with high ceilings such as factories, retail outlets, sports centres, exhibition halls, and large warehouses.

NOZ2 Cooling provides both heating and cooling from a single unit, working in combination with a cold and warm water source. Warm air is drawn into the NOZ2, cooled, then released and distributed evenly throughout the room using the induction effect.

Condensation from the cooling process is collected by a built-in demister and can be drained away using a gravity drain or a mechanical pump, therefore there is no restriction on where the cooling unit can be sited.

The innovative multi-directional design induces movement in the air around the unit. This ensures energy efficient temperature distribution that provides warm or cool air is distributed evenly throughout the room.

  • Features & Benefits

    • Heating and cooling functionality from one unit
    • Optimal air distribution: fewer devices required to heat or cool large areas
    • High air displacement due to the 'induction effect
    • Reduced installation costs due to fewer units required
    • Adjustable discharge pattern
  • NOZ2 Automatic control

    • Self-regulating
    • Always the correct setting
    • Intelligent software
    • b-touch control panel
    • Modbus communication
  • B-Control

    • Stepless control (0-10 V)
    • On/Off (room thermostat)
    • EC fans
    • Easy to set
    • Control multiple devices

    • Continuous optimal comfort
    • Maximal energy savings (up to 75%)
    • Self-regulating: always the correct setting
    • Touch screen and intelligent
    • Communication with GBS/Modbus possible
  • Induction

    • Fast and even air distribution across the room
    • Minimal heat loss through ceiling and walls
    • Low temperature gradient
    • Fewer units needed as large area is covered
    • 15% reduction in required capacity

NOZ2 Selection Tool

Use our online NOZ2 Selector Tool to select the right NOZ2 product for your heating or cooling solution.


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