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With the DecoQT Fan Coil Unit

- Acoustically lined casing, ensuring quiet operation
- Efficient EC fan minimises energy consumption
- Innovative draught free technology

Biddle's ProAir Series - The Heating and Cooling Solutions For Manchester Goods Yard

Manchester Goods Yard, an architectural marvel in Manchester’s Enterprise City represents the peak of modern design and sustainability.

With a commitment to green energy and a design reminiscent of Brooklyn’s industrial warehouses, the challenge was to provide a seamless heating and cooling solution complementing the unique aesthetics.

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News & Insights

Winter: Optimale Temperaturen im Einzelhandel

Winter: Optimale Temperaturen im Einzelhandel

Wenn die Temperaturen sinken und die Heizungen eingeschaltet werden, ist das meistens ein Zeichen für den nahenden Winter.

DoorFlow2: Der Komfort-Luftschleier

DoorFlow2: Der Komfort-Luftschleier

Der wartungsfreie Komfort-Luftschleier, Modell DoorFlow, ist bereits seit Jahren eine bekannte Größe im Biddle Sortiment.

Exklusiv-interview mit dem Biddle Vertriebsexperten

Exklusiv-interview mit dem Biddle Vertriebsexperten

Exklusiv-interview mit Kenny Dingeldein 

What our clients say about us?

We approached Biddle for supplying the Forceflow CB Fan Convectors at Skipton Academy on the basis that we would design a heating system which could be suited for integrating with low carbon technology such as heat pumps.

Aled Williams, KGA

The Biddle ProAir Series FCU can be selected to meet the exact requirements of your room.

Our team is on hand to provide detailed specifications and to help and support you throughout your project.

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