NOZ2 Heating

Warm air naturally rises and this makes it hard for large rooms with high ceilings to maintain a warm temperature.

NOZ2 is an innovative model of the traditional unit heater that has been developed to address the heating needs of large buildings with high ceilings such as factories, warehouses, retail outlets, sports centres and exhibition halls.

In order to reduce heating loss, NOZ2 features six adjustable nozzles that can be individually positioned to provide optimum air distribution. Using a technologically advanced 'mixed flow' fan, the air system is discharged through the nozzles. This heated airflow is produced at high velocity, thus inducing movement of the surrounding air and resulting in improved mixing and temperature distribution.

NOZ2 heaters capture the warm air at ceiling height and optimise its distribution to the floor level using the inductive effect. When used with Biddle’s intelligent automatic controls, the fan speed and heat output are automatically adjusted. This ensures a consistent, comfortable climate is maintained at floor level without any user intervention.

  • Features & Benefits

    • Minimal heat loss
    • Optional automatic control
    • High-performance stepless EC-fans
    • Easy to operate & maintain
    • Optimal air distribution: fewer devices required to heat or cool large areas
    • Adjustable discharge pattern
    • Reduced installation costs due to fewer units required
    • Efficient re-use of energy

    • Continuous optimal comfort
    • Maximal energy savings (up to 75%)
    • Self-regulating: always the correct setting
    • Touch screen and intelligent
    • Communication with GBS/Modbus possible
  • Induction

    • Fast and even air distribution across the room
    • Minimal heat loss through ceiling and walls
    • Low temperature gradient
    • Fewer units needed as large area is covered
    • 15% reduction in required capacity
  • Induction Technology

    Biddle’s innovative NOZ2 technology minimises temperature differences in the room and heat loss to the outside environment. Warm or cool air is forced downwards at speed, from ceiling height to floor level through six multi-directional nozzles.

    The high velocity of the air leaving the unit circulates the warm air throughout the room. This is known as the inductive effect. The inductive effect allows for better air distribution, so fewer units are needed to heat or cool large spaces.

    With an induction airflow rate of 10 times the primary air displacement, the NOZ2 temperature gradient is only 0.25°C per metre. This makes it far more efficient than conventional air movement products, delivering significant energy savings.

  • Automatic control

    • Self-Regulating
    • Always the correct setting
    • Intelligent Software
    • B-Touch Control Panel
    • ModBus Communication
  • B-Control

    • Stepless control (0-10 V)
    • On/Off (room thermostat)
    • EC fans
    • Easy to set
    • Control multiple devices

NOZ2 Selection Tool

Use our online NOZ2 Selector Tool to select the right NOZ2 product for your heating or cooling solution.


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NOZ2 Cooling System
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