Biddle has been at the forefront of HVAC product development and innovation for decades, producing patented technological advancements for increasing the energy efficiency of our air curtains, increasing air distribution in our air heaters, all making sure that perfect indoor climate control is achieved.


In-House Expertise

Our dedicated HVAC research and development team have the unique capability to continuously improve our units performance. This compliments our in-house design teams and advance onsite manufacturing capabilities.

Industry Partners

In order to maintain our reputation as an innovative organisation we do not restrict ourselves to in-house expertise, but also work closely with third parties.

In this respect we are in close contact with technical associations, universities and research institutes in the UK, Netherlands and the rest of Europe. In particular cooperation with TNO (Dutch organization for Applied Scientific Research) and BSRIA (Building Services Research & Information association) in the development of new products and technologies has enabled us to develop advanced and innovative climate solutions time after time.

Biddle Patents

Various Biddle technologies are patented, such as the Rectifier technology, Double Rectifier, Controlled Air Strength, Multi Air Stream, i-Sense infrared, and the round discharge pattern technology.

At Biddle, we're committed to providing our customers with the most advanced and effective HVAC solutions available. Our patented technologies set us apart in the industry, and we're constantly striving to innovate and improve upon our products

  • Rectifier

  • i-Sense

  • Controlled Air Strength

  • Multi Air Stream

  • Round Discharge Pattern Technology