Invisidor STYLE2 Air Curtain

Architects, M&E designers and building owners are constantly looking for ways of enhancing the appearance of the entrance environment without compromising on performance. The Invisidor STYLE2 range combines Biddle’s patented technology along with contemporary design. 

Available in a variety of finishes, the STYLE2 range has an eye-catching cylindrical profile and a distinctive perforated grille. With the design being modular, any door width can be covered, and buildings requiring vertical rather than horizontal air curtains can still use this range to create a ‘top end’ designer look to the entrance environment.

Invisidor STYLE2 uses Biddle’s proven, patented rectifier to supply conditioned air at low speed with minimum turbulence, ensuring the air stream reaches the floor and doesn’t escape to the outside. Comfort within the entrance area is therefore enhanced without any energy wastage.

  • Features & Benefits

    • Eye catching designer looks
    • Comfort and energy savings
    • Low cost installation
    • Simple energy-saving HVAC controls
    • Variety of finishes and custom paint
    • Performance enhancing patented discharge rectifier
    • Vertical or horizontal configurations
    • Modular in nature (sizes from 1120mm to 2345mm) to suit any door width

    • Optimised air curtain performance
    • Minimised energy usage
    • Auto mode: room temperature control
    • Manual mode: Zero, 50% or 100% heat output
  • Optional

    • Timer clocks
    • Door contact switch
    • Room thermostat
  • Rectifier Technology

    So as to minimise turbulence in the discharge airstream, and ensure the air reaches the floor, Biddle have invested heavily in the development of the patented rectifier. This rectifier comprises an optimised number of blades, with a precise relationship between their length and spacing, to create a laminar airstream which reduces turbulence and energy consumption and increases throw for a given air volume.

  • Rectifier Grille

    • Significant climate separation efficiency (80%)
    • Excellent downward penetration
    • Minimal air volume, air speed and heating capacity
    • Energy efficiency
  • PDF
    Brochure | Invisidor STYLE2
  • PDF
    Manual | STYLE2
  • PDF
    Manual | STYLE2 Compact


Explore our in-situ images to see how our product can enhance the look and feel of any room.

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