DecoQT - Redefining Comfort in Hotels

The DecoQT fan coil unit, tailored specifically for hotel applications, combines advanced design and control features to ensure a superior guest experience. Its innovative single inlet and outlet grille seamlessly integrates into any hotel room's décor, providing a silent, comfortable, and draught-free environment that complements even the most stylish settings.

DecoQT’s elegant grille not only complements the sophisticated decor of any guest room but also cleverly disguises its dual functionality. The lower segment acts as an efficient air inlet, pulling in air to adjust the room’s temperature to the ideal setting, whether cooling or heating. The upper segment directs the conditioned air upward, promoting uniform air mixing and eliminating uncomfortable cold draughts, thereby ensuring optimal thermal comfort throughout the room.

In cooling modes, the DecoQT fan coil unit delivers exceptional thermal comfort for the occupants, as it avoids any cold draughts within the space, by encouraging mixing within the room.

The grille has been shaped such that occupants can look up and won’t see into the unit through it, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the room’s décor.

Filters and major components can be accessed through a single-piece removable panel, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. 


Innovative Grille Design & Quiet Operation

Discover how the unique single grille efficiently manages airflow, reducing system complexity and enhancing performance.

  • Aesthetic Integration

    The grille, crafted from powder-coated steel, can be customised with different paint options to match the room's interior. The unique shape prevents direct visibility into the unit, allowing it to blend effortlessly with the room's aesthetics. It comes in 2 sizes (70 and 100), multiple configurations, 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems, and heat pump-ready coils that meet the highest efficiency standards. The grille is designed for easy cleaning, ensuring long-lasting appeal and functionality.

  • Versatile and Flexible Installation

    The DecoQT's compact design significantly reduces the need for extensive ductwork, facilitating installation in unconventional spaces within hotel rooms, such as closer to wet areas like bathrooms where traditional units cannot operate. 

  • Easy Maintenance and Access

    All major internal components, including the filter, are accessible through a single-piece removable panel that requires minimal effort to open, thanks to its tool-free design and simple two-screw system. This accessibility not only reduces maintenance time but also cuts down on operational disruptions, thereby saving costs.

  • User friendly controls

    Biddle offers plug-and-play installation with options for various control systems, including a touch screen wall controller and compatibility with any BMS via BacNet or Modbus.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Utilises a double-inlet and double-width centrifugal fans with EC, DC motors for energy efficiency. Fresh air inlet with sealed connection provides fresh air even when the unit is turned off. 

  • Installation Efficiency

    The reduced need for ductwork and ancillary components saves time and labor costs.

  • Unconventional applications

    Suitable for both refurbished and newly built hotels, it can even be placed in wet areas like bathrooms, where traditional units cannot operate.

Biddle offers plug and play easy digital controls, free issue controls or no controls. They are available for communication with any BMS and can be customised to meet the room's aesthetics.

  • Project Specific Controls

    Biddle offers a fully flexible and tailored solution for reducing installation and commissioning time on site by working with System Integrators to factory fit third-party controls into the DecoQT. Different transformers, fan enable relays and other components are available to bridge the gap between different controllers on the market. Biddle can also work with their controls partners to meet specific project requirements, ensure all major brands of controller are supported and provide supply, factory fit, and commissioning services.

  • Direct Digital Controls

    For projects where System Integrators haven’t been appointed, or where a controls offer needs to be more advanced than just simple fan speed control, Biddle can supply a wide range of digital controllers with different room controllers to suit the installation. Where fan coils need to be integrated into a building management system, all the offered controllers support common BMS protocols to allow them to communicate with new and existing BMS systems.

  • Basic Controls

    For remote-controlled DecoQT units, a basic speed controller with a control housing is available for local airflow adjustments during commissioning. Heating and cooling coil control is to be supplied separately.

  • Valves & Commissioning Sets

    To maximise efficiency, reduce time on site at installation and commissioning, and ensuring easier ongoing maintenance, we recommend that pressure-independent control valves (PIC) with commissioning sets are fitted to the unit. We work with the top four manufacturers to ensure a robust product offer that is compliant to BSRIA’s BG29/2021 guide on Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework System (6th Edition).

    Valve Sets are assembled in our factory in the UK and are thoroughly tested. Shipments are carefully labelled and packed for easy installation on-site. Local assembly and stock enable a fast turn-around of project orders with maximum design flexibility, helping project engineers to achieve A-grade consultant approvals and deliver their projects on time and within budget.

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