Comfort Circle2 Cassette

With a rise in energy prices, building owners are increasingly aware of the need for an efficient climate system to heat or cool commercial offices and retail areas. For energy-efficient heating and cooling in commercial premises, the space-saving Biddle Comfort Circle2 Cassette is the perfect candidate.

The Biddle Comfort Circle2 cassette unit is designed for heating, cooling and /or ventilating commercial environments. Its stylish appearance is suitable for use in shops, showrooms, offices, reception areas and offices. The cassette unit is a recessed ceiling model and can quickly and easily be installed in a suspended ceiling system; only the stylish circular air discharge grille is visible.

The Comfort Circle2 is available in two sizes, CC260 and CC290 and allows you to heat or cool the indoor space in a short time period.

For maximum comfort, the circular air discharge pattern ensures an even distribution of air throughout the room. 


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  • Features & Benefits

    • Heating and/or cooling in one unit
    • Space saving and unobtrusive
    • Even air and temperature distribution
    • Stylish air discharge grille
    • Suitable for lower water temperatures
    • Compact and low noise
    • Option to reutilise residual waste heat
    • User friendly and low maintenance
  • Circular Discharge

    The bottom of the cassette unit consists of a panel with a circular air discharge grille. With recirculation units, the air intake and discharge take place via the same grille panel. The air is drawn in through the perforated pattern in the middle of the panel. After the air has been heated or cooled, it is blown evenly into the room across 360° via the air discharge openings on the side of the grille. The circular air discharge pattern generates an optimal and even air distribution, which ensures optimal penetration and air circulation even at low air speeds.

    Warm air is discharged at a fixed 45° angle towards the floor, to achieve good downward distribution of the air into the room. When cooling, cold air is discharged horizontally along the ceiling to create an optimal draught free climate. This Coanda effect gives a better distribution of the cooled air throughout the room.

  • Auto-Adjustable Ring

    The air discharge grille of units that can both heat and cool is fitted with a patented adjustable discharge ring. The unit adjusts the ring automatically and in doing so selects the air discharge angle that best fits the particular heating or cooling. Consequently, the downward penetration and distribution of the air are always guaranteed.

  • Fixed Setting Air Discharge Angle

    Units that either heat or cool only have a fixed setting for the discharge angle and do not have an adjustable ring.

In commercial offices and retail areas quick and easy adjustment of the climate is essential for users. Therefore, Biddle’s Comfort Circle2 comes with up to four different control options for a user friendly solution for every situation. The client can set the desired room temperature via the control panel, quickly and easily bringing the indoor climate to the most comfortable level.

  • Maximum Convenience

    If you choose one of the two integrated Biddle controls, the units will be delivered completely ready to use: plug & play. For connection to the mains, the units are equipped with a fixed cable and a moulded plug. The control panel, any extra units, inputs and outputs can be connected via the connector plate.

  • Project Specific Controls

    The Comfort Circle2 comes with three fixed tapping voltages (fans speeds) as factory default. By using a built-in transformer it is possible to adjust the standard speeds to the specific situation.

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    Brochure | Comfort Circle2
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    CE Declaration | Comfort Circle Cassette Units
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    Manual | Comfort Circle2
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