At Biddle, we are renowned for our commitment to high-quality heating and cooling solutions, meticulously tailored for the hotel industry.

Spatial constraints and access for maintenance can significantly influence system performance and noise levels. Our solutions are designed to minimise downtime whilst enhancing guest comfort and seamlessly integrating with your hotel’s architectural and operational needs.

From the entrance to guest rooms, meeting rooms, and reception areas, our solutions prioritise efficiency, ease of use, and reliability, ultimately reducing operational costs and preventing revenue loss due to room unavailability.

Air Curtains for Hotel Entrances

Our air curtains are engineered to minimise heat loss, maintain consistent indoor temperatures, and reduce energy costs. Ideal for any weather condition, they ensure a welcoming atmosphere right at the entrance — making first impressions count.

If you are wondering how air curtains work or how they can help you reduce your energy costs our team of experts can guide you through what you need.

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Enhanced Room Comfort

Our DecoQT fan coil units are designed to provide efficient heating and cooling for hotel rooms of all sizes, at the lowest NR.

The DecoQT is designed to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of the hotels. Featuring a sleek grille design, the units blend perfectly with any room décor while preventing direct visibility into the machinery, ensuring a harmonious look. Designed with a unique air inlet and discharge system that directs airflow towards the ceiling, DecoQT avoids draughts and ensures even temperature distribution. 

The units feature tool-free access for easy maintenance and quick filter changes, reducing downtime and operational costs.

Custom paint finishes on grilles are available to match any interior, making the DecoQT perfect for hotels looking to create a comfortable environment for their guests.


Meeting Rooms and Communal Areas Comfort

Versatile and Efficient Climate Control: Our ModulAir and ProAir Series fan coil units offer efficient and effective climate control solutions tailored to hotel rooms of all sizes. These systems are known for their quiet operation and energy efficiency, perfect for creating a comfortable guest environment. These units can be customised to meet your hotel's specific requirements, ensuring compliance with the rigorous standards of the UK specification market.

Our Comfort Circle2 Cassette Units are the perfect solution for hotels looking to provide comfortable heating and cooling in their reception, meeting rooms and eating areas. With a sleek and stylish design, these units provide both heating and cooling and can be installed easily into any ceiling, either free-hanging or recessed. 

The large range of options available in the Fan Coil Units products offer allows customers to create a tailored climate solution for each individual space. Internally lined to ensure the quietest of operation, Biddle fan coils utilise the most energy-efficient motors and quietest fans available on the market.

EC fans run efficiently to minimise energy consumption when the fan coils are running, whilst giving the ability to run at variable speeds ensuring noise levels and power usage is kept to the minimum.

The CC2 can be used as a standalone product and is compatible with AHUs and HR systems. When integrated with AHUs, the air circulation is enhanced, guaranteeing a fresh and comfortable environment for gatherings of all sizes.


Complete Heat Recovery

Maximise energy efficiency with our Air2Air Heat Recovery system, capturing up to 80% of heat from exhaust air to warm incoming fresh air, significantly reducing heating costs and improving your sustainability profile.

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Why choose Biddle for HVAC in Hotels?

Our team is on hand to help you to select the best option for your requirements. We utilise selection tools to ensure we will provide you with the ideal solution, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

We streamline the ordering process, provide comprehensive technical data upfront, and commit to exceptional after-sales technical support to ensure smooth project execution and your complete satisfaction.

With Biddle, you're not just installing a system; you're investing in a seamless, supportive experience designed to exceed your expectations at every step of the way.

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