Biddle assures comfort at Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust.

The HVAC Problem

We were approached to provide an energy efficient, cost effective solution to enable patients, employees and visitors to be able to freely attend North Moor House, whilst keeping the reception areas a warm and welcoming place.

The Project

North Moor House provides modern outpatient facilities for people in and around Northallerton who need to access mental health and learning disability services.

The Biddle HVAC Solution

We all understand that hospitals are very busy places, with patient care and comfort paramount. This is why we specified the SR intelligent comfort air curtain, two in fact.

The SR is Biddle’s flagship unit, which comes as standard packed with technology, including our patented I-Sense infrared temperature monitoring equipment. This allows the air curtain to constantly measure the internal room temperature and outside temperature and make real time adjustments in order to maintain the required temperature of the exiting airflow, thus ensuring the performance of the unit, keeping both the running time and running costs to a minimum.

Ventilation within any medical building is also crucial for ensuring a clean and pleasant environment. The SR comfort air curtain forces airflow down across the open doorway creating an invisible barrier. So, even when the doors open the heated, cooled and ventilated indoor climate remains unaffected. Particularly during the summer months in the UK, the increase in temperature relates to the increase in flying insects. The SR air curtains invisible barrier of air prevents access for bugs however, still allows free access to people.

Both units have been expertly installed above the doorways with B-Touch controls and are also connected to the building’s management system for remote monitoring. The SR air curtain truly is a plug and play device, which requires no special tools for installation and has multiple variations for different door widths, heights and types.


Here at Biddle we always aim to provide the most cost effective, energy efficient HVAC heating and cooling solution to suit the needs of the customer. Our in-house technical and engineering experts are on hand for advice and guidance for every step of the process.

Download the case study here

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