Biddle's New Energy Saving Hybrid Solution For Cold Stores

Energy saving solutions are becoming of great importance in cold stores. In order to meet this need Biddle has developed the MAT Hybrid, a multi stream air curtain which separates the cold store climate from the ambient climate. The Mat Hybrid makes use of waste heat from the cooling machines in order to save energy. The Biddle MAT Hybrid ensures an optimal climate separation in the door opening and can handle temperature differences up to 40 °C between the cold store and the ambient area.

Efficient use of waste heat
The MAT Hybrid has a combined water and electrical heating element. Water heated by the waste heat from the cooling machines is used as the primary source of heating. Then, if  necessary, electrical elements will automatically top up the heat from the  water coil, thus always ensuring the required discharge temperature is achieved. Savings of up to 80% have been measured when the Biddle MAT Hybrid is compared to an equivalent electrical unit.

Full scale service
In practice each site has different needs and that is why a full site survey is carried out before recommending the best solution. Biddle will support you through the installation and commissioning process and will monitor the MAT Hybrid for at least three months to ensure that the solution is working to its maximum efficiency. A constant water flow to the MAT Hybrid is recommended to ensure optimal performance. The water flow is monitored remotely by means of the RCM-module (Remote Control Monitoring module). The customized online dashboard visualises the MAT Hybrid performance. When necessary, remote adjustments can be made to optimise the units efficiency. After the initial three months it is possible to continue the remote monitoring of the MAT Hybrid.

Stable climate in cold stores
Multi Air stream Technology is used to achieve optimal climate separation. By producing three air streams the MAT cold store air curtain creates a screen between the cold store and the ambient space, thus ensuring a constant climate in the cold store. Furthermore it allows unobstructed access to and from the cold store and radically reduces misting and icing. Safety is increased and logistics operations can be performed efficiently.

Various options
The MAT Hybrid is suitable for door heights up to 4 m. The unit is available in  four different lengths: 135, 180, 225 and 250 cm. A maximum of two units (master & slave) can be mounted per door. The MAT will be manufactured in stainless steel as standard.


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