CPD Seminars

Biddle help professional development
Biddle, a CIBSE accredited provider of CPD courses, are continuing to offer CPD seminars. Course subjects include air curtain technology and fan coil units.

With over 80 years of experience in the industry Biddle is committed to raising awareness and understanding of the technical issues surrounding our range of products and services.

We are keen to generate quality debate and contribute to the professional development of CIBSE members.

All our presentations are approached as a means of disseminating and discussing technical innovations and industry trends. 

Recognising the time and resource constraints in today’s workplace Biddle’s CPD offering is designed to be as convenient as possible for CIBSE members. Seminars are usually conducted in groups at their offices, at a time to suit their working day – typically lunchtime.

All we need is a room in which to present and a power supply. If sandwiches, snacks and drinks for all participants are made available we are always pleased to reimburse any costs on the day.

To gain details of the seminars available simply contact Biddle by phone on 024 76 384233 or by email to sales@biddle-air.co.uk or download the CPD Seminars leaflet. Seminars can be booked using the same phone number or email or by contacting your local Biddle contact.

CPD Seminar


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