The best learning environment is one where students feel comfortable all year round. It’s easy to switch off when it’s hot and stuffy and just as hard to concentrate when it’s cold and draughty.

We understand the importance of a well-designed classroom and how it is critical for effective learning. Research shows that the classroom environment can affect pupils learning and academic progress by as much as 25%*.

No two buildings are alike, and with that in mind we approach every project with a blank piece of paper to design a “customer climate system” to suit any school, academy or university.

Consistency is everything. Biddle has many years of experience in providing quiet, energy efficient and highly reliable climate solutions for educational establishments of all types and sizes.

Our project-focused approach and flexible product range means we are able to create a tailor-made solution for any project, whether it be new build or refurbishment.

We offer a comprehensive free site survey where our experienced team will come and assess your site and develop a tailor-made proposal for your installation that will ensure optimal climate control is achieved.



There are many regulations, such as BB101 and BB93, that govern how schools should control temperature and ventilation. A partner, not just a supplier, we work closely with our customers and their contractors to ensure that all legislative requirements are met in full. We also go further, considering the comfort level of every individual room, not just the building as a whole. As part of this approach we recognise that even in these times of increased central control via building management systems, individuals still want control over their own environment. Our goal is to provide a solution that doesn’t just tick all boxes on paper, but works for everyone; teachers, pupils, and visitors, all year round, whatever the outside conditions.


Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)

We offer technical advice where our expert team will accompany you to assess your site to help you with your CIF application. We can provide a recommended heat emitter that is best suited to your school’s requirements and can be used as part of your CIF application. Alternatively, if you have already applied and have been granted funds, we can assist you with a heating solution that matches your application specification.


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*University of Salford Clever Classrooms, Summary report of Holistic Evidence and Design

**Subject to model specification and volume ordered.


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