Biddle Forceflow Fan Convectors: An efficient heating solution for Skipton Academy

Skipton Academy was looking for a heating system suitable for integrating with low carbon technologies such as heat pumps.

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Recently, we had the privilege of supplying our Forceflow fan convectors to Skipton Academy, where our team worked closely with the team at KGA to ensure that we provide an efficient and effective heating system, specific to the requirements. 

Our team rose to the challenge by carefully considering the school's layout and architectural features to develop a design that incorporated different styles of Forceflow fan convectors, resulting in optimal heating performance and efficiency.


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"We approached Biddle for supplying the fan convectors at Skipton Academy on the basis that we would design a heating system which could be suited for integrating with low carbon technology such as heat pumps. We had received good communication and support from Adrian on previous schemes. Due to the school layout and architectural features many different styles fan convectors were used to integrate within the space effectively."

Alled Williams, KGA Partnerships