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Biddle's Educational Impact: A Summer of HVAC Excellence with Clairglow

Biddle has long been at the forefront of delivering innovative HVAC solutions in the education sector across the UK. Our partnership with Clairglow in the summer of 2023 at the London Borough of Croydon exemplifies this commitment.

Standout Partnership with Clairglow

With decades of experience in the education sector, Biddle has become synonymous with HVAC in schools, colleges, and universities throughout the UK. Summer 2023 marked one of our most successful summer periods ever.

A standout collaboration this summer was our work with Clairglow. Based in Sevenoaks, Kent, Clairglow brings over 47 years of industry expertise.
Well-equipped and experienced in both commercial heating design and installations Clairglow supply schools, hospitals, and leisure centres across the Southeast. Tasked with refurbishing three schools for the London Borough of Croydon, Clairglow chose Biddle for our expertise in onsite surveys and equipment selection.


Project Highlights

The project unfolded across three schools – St Giles School, Greenvale Primary School, and Ridgeway Primary School & Nursery. Each installation was tailored to the unique requirements of the spaces, ranging from standard classrooms to large communal areas like gymnasiums and main halls. Our approach prioritised not just the heating needs but also the safety and ease of use, with features like remote wall thermostats and pencil/finger-proof safety meshes. For all three schools, we uniformly selected the Forceflow H2 Select Fan Convectors, operating at 70/50°C. Additionally, St Giles School’s main entrances were fitted with 3 energy-efficient, filterless DoorFlow2 ceiling cassette air curtains, equipped with E-Controllers for
staff convenience and comfort.

“Our successful working relationship started with an on-site meeting with Biddle’s commercial manager Adrian Higginson at the early conception stage of our projects, and we were immediately impressed with the wide range of fan-coil units that Biddle could offer for the different types of on-site applications we needed. Adrian’s sound knowledge of Biddle’s products gave us confidence from the very start. Additional technical support and input from the invaluable Nick Squires ensured that all fan coil units were correctly sized and positioned within all three school projects. Moreover, each and every unit was delivered directly to site and on time, with no delays whatsoever, which guaranteed that all projects were delivered within budget and on schedule.”

Graham Edwards, Commercial Manager at Clairglow Heating Ltd.


Our partnership with Clairglow this summer is a testament to our shared commitment to delivering high-quality heating solutions in educational settings. The successful completion of these projects not only highlights our dedication to excellence but also Clairglow’s proficiency in managing complex heating installations.

Together, we have set a new standard in creating comfortable and efficient learning environments.

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