Multi-Directional Heating & Cooling Solutions

The NOZ2 range is specifically designed for large buildings with high ceilings such as factories, retail outlets, sports centres and exhibition halls. Their innovative multi-directional design induces movement in the air around the unit ensuring warm or cool air is distributed evenly throughout the room.

As a result, they are not only more effective than conventional products they are also more efficient, delivering energy savings of up to 15% compared to traditional products.


  • Energy consumption reduced by 15% with NOZ2 heaters
  • High air displacement due to the ‘induction effect’
  • Adjustable discharge pattern
  • Optimal air distribution: fewer devices required to heat or cool large areas
  • Reduced installation costs due to fewer units required
  • Efficient re-use of energy
  • Minimal heat loss
  • Optional automatic control (not available for NOZ2 Gas)
  • High-performance stepless EC-fans
  • Easy to operate & maintain
  • Models available for water heating, water cooling, gas heating, ambient and ventilation applications
  • Heating and cooling functionality from one unit