The fully automatic control of the IndAC2 continuously selects the correct temperature and fan settings of the air curtain. This guarantees an optimal climate separation and a constant room temperature.

By separating the outdoor climate from the indoor conditioned environment the IndAC2 makes it possible to keep the door open whilst maintaining the indoor temperature and preventing energy loss. Open doors will contribute to safer and faster logistics and easy internal traffic.


The fully automatic controlled IndAC2 contains the intelligent CHIPS technology. With the aid of sensors to measure the outdoor and air stream temperature, CHIPS technology continuously selects the correct settings of the air curtain in all circumstances. Manual adjustment by the customer is not required.

Energy saving

The IndAC2 air curtain is standard equipped with energy saving and high performance EC fans. The switch to EC exceeds the efficiency requirements of ErP regulations 2015. In combination with the automatic control option the air curtain can therefore be seen as an advanced product in the industrial climate solution field. EC fans can save up to 80% energy compared to traditional AC fans. EC fans have stepless adjustment which means they can be set to the exact level required. In addition, EC fans tend to produce lower noise levels for a given air velocity than traditional AC fans.


The fully automatic IndAC2 comes with Biddle’s touchscreen control panel: the b-touch. The simple menu structure of the b-touch makes it very easy to choose the desired settings using the clear preset menus. The IndAC2 can be automatically set up using the intelligent software which is situated inside the air curtain. Usage and fault diagnostic data can be easily extracted via the b-touch data port. The data port also permits software updates.


The IndAC2 fitted with automatic control enables communication via MODBUS from a remote PC or BMS system. If required b-touch and MODBUS can be used in parallel allowing local and remote control of the air curtain. Basic option The IndAC2 is also available with a basic control, the b-control. The b-control includes a potentiometer for stepless fan speed control. This functionality makes it easy to manually set the air curtain accurately to the desired fan speed.

Colours and versions

The IndAC2 is available in a standard (ST) and a maximal version (MX), IndAC2 ST for door heights from 3 up to 6 meters and IndAC2 MX for door heights from 5 up to 8 meters. The IndAC2 is available in two standard color combinations, RAL5011/RAL9006 and completely RAL9006. With the pronounced industrial design of this air curtain, the appearance is consistent with the latest developments within the industry.