How it works?

The DecoQT's design features a single air inlet and outlet grille, ensuring seamless operation that combines aesthetics with effectiveness.

The lower section serves as the air inlet, which drags the room air into the unit, while the upper section will discharge the air upwards, towards the ceiling.

This method eliminates the common issue of chilly draughts by guaranteeing that the air descends in a subtle manner along the ceiling and then gradually descending across the room, before being re-integrated into the system.

This not only elevates energy efficiency but also enhances guest comfort by maintaining steady room temperatures without the intrusive blasts of air.

See how it works:

Improved Indoor Air Quality

In the hotels sector, quiet operation and air quality are paramount, and hotels lacking efficient HVAC systems frequently face criticism and / or negative reviews on online platforms, potentially leading to a decreased number of bookings or requests for a different room.

The DecoQT fan coil unit was designed to be not just as quiet as possible, but to provide a superior air quality, whilst maintain a peaceful environment, aimed at enhancing guests' comfort.

The DecoQT fan coil unit comes with a metal fresh air inlet that allows for a consistent blend of fresh and recirculated air. This not only ensures indoor air quality but also promotes sustainability by diminishing energy use, ensuring fresh air in the room even when the unit is turned off.

A Future-Proof Solution

As the industry evolves towards more sustainable and efficient solutions, the DecoQT Fan Coil Unit addresses the key demands of the hotel and residential sectors. From aesthetics, energy efficiency and ease of installation to air quality and guest comfort.

Opting for such a system represents a solution that not only meets current standards but is also adaptable to future requirements.

Whether you’re building a new hotel or refurbishing the current one, Biddle endeavours to offer energy-efficient solutions without compromising on comfort.