Biddle’s IndAC2 industrial air curtain guarantees an optimal climate separation to cold stores whilst maintaining a constant room temperature and preventing energy loss. The IndAC2 ambient (without heating) is suitable above a door between a front hall or loading bay and a cold store. The air curtain operates perfectly in combination with a fast reaction door, preventing misting or icing in the doorway.

Energy saving climate separation
As soon as the door opens, the ambient IndAC2 quickly starts creating a perfect climate separation. The air curtain, which is installed in the front hall above the cold store door, draws air from the front hall into the unit and creates an excellent, downward directed, laminar air stream to separate the two areas. As a consequence, energy consumption is reduced because the cooling equipment in the cold store doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the room cold.

Reduced humidity
Without the ambient IndAC2, an exchange of humidity will take place every time the door is opened. With the optimal climate separation created by the IndAC2, the exchange of humidity is significantly reduced. Less humidity in the cold store means less misting and icing. As a consequence the area is cleaner, the entrance is visible and thus safer and there is less maintenance to do to keep the area free of ice.

The ambient IndAC2 is part of the complete IndAC2 range and is therefore equipped as standard with energy saving and high performance EC fans. EC fans have stepless adjustment which means they can be set to the exact level required.

The IndAC2 enables communication via MODBUS from a remote PC or BMS system.

Colours and verions
The IndAC2 is available in a standard (ST) and a maximal version (MX): IndAC2 ST for door heights up to 6 metres; and MX for door heights up to 8 metres.

The IndAC2 is supplied in two standard colour combinations, RAL5011/RAL9006 and completely RAL9006. With the pronounced industrial design of this air curtain, the appearance is consistent with the latest developments within the industry.

If you're looking to optimise your cold store's energy consumption and maintain a constant room temperature, Biddle's IndAC2 industrial air curtain is the solution you need. Contact Biddle today to learn more about how the IndAC2 can help your cold store achieve optimal climate separation while reducing energy costs.