Uncompromised Comfort

In an era where comfort and quietness take precedence, the DecoQT proudly exemplifies our commitment to delivering both.

Operating as quietly as 28dB(A) at low speed, DecoQT is the ultimate choice for environments where noise disruption is a concern, such as hotels and residential apartments, allowing for efficient cooling whilst operating quietly.

The design of the DecoQT ensures draught-free cooling, and the single inlet and outlet grille makes it easy to maintain and install. The single sided supply and return air feature provides more flexibility when positioning the unit and allows the unit to be positioned outside of the vaulted entrance traditionally used to house fan coil units. So, if you are looking for a unit where noise, efficient air distribution and aesthetics are important then look no further than the DecoQT.

Biddle's Commitment to Quality

DecoQT demonstrates Biddle's dedication to quality, as we endeavour to offer energy-saving solutions to all sectors without compromising on comfort.

Are you prepared to elevate your cooling experience? Our dedicated team is on hand to help you discover how the DecoQT fan coil unit can transform your environment.

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