There are many regulations, such as BB101 and BB93, which govern how schools should control temperature and ventilation. Biddle, who pride themselves on being partners with their customers, not just a supplier, work closely with academies, sixth-form colleges and their contractors to ensure that they are compliant with the regulations criteria.

With technical experts on hand, Biddle’s team work with education establishments to assess their sites and can also help with the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) application by providing a detailed site survey which is essential for the bid submission. This survey is an incredibly useful planning tool in its own right, as it can be referenced within any bid submission and forms the basis for planned maintenance programmes, which can forecast the replacement of major and minor components and help to facilitate financial expenditure. Alternatively, if the academy has already applied and has been granted funds, Biddle can assist with a heating solution that matches the application specification.

Adrian Higginson, Commercial Manager at Biddle, explains: “Biddle has many years of experience in providing quiet, energy efficient and highly reliable climate solutions for educational establishments of all types and sizes. Our project-focused approach and flexible product range means we are able to create a tailor-made solution for any project, whether it be new build or refurbishment. This summer, we have been involved in numerous CIF projects, helping contractors, schools and academies with the development of tailor-made proposals for installation that will ensure optimal climate control is achieved”.

Biddle have been delivering innovative climate solutions to the market for over 90 years, ensuring all products have the highest quality and maximise energy savings for customers.  

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