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Retail HVAC

Looking for retail heating and cooling solutions for your store? Whatever your climate requirements are, Biddle are here to offer a high quality, engineered-to-last retail HVAC solution - allowing you complete control over the environment in your store. The solution? Our excellent range of comfort air curtains.

Complete retail climate solutions

Our collection of comfort air curtains achieves the best possible climate separation in your doorway. The interior and exterior temperatures are effectively separated, resulting in high energy savings and maximum comfort. In addition, Biddle makes it possible to heat, cool and ventilate the room easily – providing superior retail HVAC solutions for your environment. Depending on the customer’s requirements, a “custom climate system” is designed, in which efficient heat recovery is an option.

Analysing and monitoring retail heating

Biddle has a great deal of experience in designing climate solutions that are tailored to the retail environment. The first step is to determine the retail climate requirement on the shop floor, and then in consultation with you, we seek a suitable climate solution. Using intelligent software, we are able to monitor and analyse the doorway and its energy consumption in detail - meaning, we are always proactively seeking maximum efficiency for your retail heating. 

For more information on retail HVAC and how our air curtains can help control your retail environment, contact a member of our expert team today.




Why Biddle

  • Energy-saving climate separation
  • High comfort and low noise level
  • Project and energy management
  • Extensive after-sales service


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