NOZ2 Cooling System

Made for large space

The NOZ2 range is specifically designed for large buildings with high ceilings such as factories, retail outlets, sports centres and exhibition halls. Their innovative multi-directional design induces movement in the air around the unit ensuring warm or cool air is distributed evenly throughout the room.

NOZ2 Cooling 

NOZ2 Cooling provides both heating and cooling from a single unit. NOZ2 Cooling works in combination with a cold and warm water source. Warm air is drawn into the NOZ2, cooled, then released and distributed evenly throughout the room using the induction effect. Condensation from the cooling process is collected by a built-in demister, and can be drained away using a gravity drain or a mechanical pump, therefore there is no restriction on where the cooling unit can be sited.

Why choose NOZ2 Cooling?
  • Heating and cooling functionality from one unit
  • High air displacement due to the ‘induction effect’
  • Adjustable discharge pattern
  • Optimal air distribution: fewer devices required to heat or cool large areas
  • Reduced installation costs due to fewer units required

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