Industrial Air Curtains

In industrial premises, such as industrial halls, workshops, warehouses and cold stores, doors are often open for longer periods of time to enable the loading and unloading of goods. The (often large) open doors cause a lot of heat loss and disturb the indoor climate.

Biddle has developed industrial air curtains that provide unrestricted access for transport purposes, while preventing the different climates from intermixing. Fitting industrial door air curtains leads to healthy working conditions and well-conditioned rooms. 

How industrial air curtains work

An industrial air curtain from Biddle provides an energy-efficient solution for heating, ventilation and cooling of large spaces. Although the air curtain does not act as a direct barrier, it conditions the incoming air - reducing the amount of warm or cold air that escapes from the building. Industrial door air curtains are designed to enhance comfort, while saving energy.


Patented technologies
The industrial air curtains are fitted with the patented double rectifier. The Dutch research institute TNO and the Technical University of Delft have found that the rectifier produces the highest possible efficiency. The industrial air curtain designed for cold stores comes with the MAT technology.

  • Faster transport and logistics
  • Energy savings
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Long life
  • Lower risk of collisions
  • Energy savings

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