Comfort Circle Cassette Heater

The Comfort Circle Cassette Heater allows you to quickly heat your indoor space, providing an even distribution of air, through the circular air discharge, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the room. 

Circular discharge

The compact Comfort Circle cassette heater fits into suspended ceiling grids, allowing floor and wall surfaces to remain available for shelves, racks, and other furniture. The cassette unit heater is a recessed ceiling model and can be quickly and easily installed in a suspended ceiling system, leaving only the stylish circular air discharge grille visible.

Energy-saving and efficient

The Comfort Circle cassette heater has been designed for use with a water based heating system. Nowadays, increasing emphasis is being placed on energy-efficient and sustainable climate units, which incorporate low water temperature ranges. This can be achieved, for instance, by utilising the waste heat of a cooling unit or heat pump. The Comfort Circle cassette heater is compatible for use with this kind of system.


The stylish circular grille and low noise emissions make the unit ideally suited for use in schools, universities, colleges, shops, offices, showrooms, reception areas, museums, banks and libraries. 

Why choose Comfort Circle?
  • Space saving and discreet
  • Even air and temperature distribution
  • Stylish air discharge grille
  • Low energy EC fan motor
  • Compact and quiet
  • Suitable for lower water temperatures
Circular discharge
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