Heating & Ventilation

With energy prices seemingly on an ever increasing upward trend, building owners are more aware than ever of the need to provide energy efficient heating solutions.

As well as this, the growing awareness of the health benefits of adequate fresh air mean carefully controlled ventilation is also becoming a necessity. That's where our heating and ventilation solutions come in.

Electric Heating Solutions are also available

Biddle have a variety of heating and ventilation products, comprising various sizes and styles of unit. Our electric selection of heating and ventilation solutions can be suitable for a wide range of applications and types of projects.  

So, why should you choose heating and ventilation solutions from Biddle?

  • Quick heat up time
  • Good distribution of heat
  • Offer individual control
  • Flexibility to cater for changes in use of office space, partitioning etc.  

Find out more about our heating and ventilation solutions, including our Forceflow H2 Select Fan Convectors and our Innovair Fresh Air Fan Convectors. Alternatively, browse our full range of climate control solutions from Biddle now. 


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