Multi Vector

The DECO model Biddle fan coil is equipped with Multi-Vector technology. This results in the following advantages:

  • Air direction adjustable as required
  • Directional comfort

Comfort on command

The Biddle fan coil is equipped with an inventive adjustable discharge grille (Multi-Vector Technology), consisting of a number of stacked sheets bearing a hole pattern. This enables the user to set the air direction as he or she requires or prefers. In general, air is discharged differently into a room depending on whether the room is being heated or cooled.  Furthermore, the grille allows one to direct the air towards or away from the workplace. This is how Biddle guarantees one will experience “comfort on command”.

Multi Vector technology

Air direction can be set freely:

  • 20° sideways
  • 10° backwards
  • 30° forwards




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