Multi Air Stream Technology

Biddle has developed an advanced technology for refrigerated warehouses that operate according to a 30 to 40°C temperature difference between the cold stores and the loading area. The Multi Air stream Technology is the basis for the MAT. This results in the following advantages:

  • stable climate in the refrigerated warehouse
  • always on the correct setting (automatic B-stream regulation)
  • no misting and no icing
  • energy-efficient solution


MAT off: significant air exchange MAT on: perfect climate separation

Automatic B-stream setting
Three air streams that differ in temperature and air humidity, but hold the same direction and speed, separate the front hall from the cold store. Air is sucked in from both the cold store and the front hall, and both cold and warm air is discharged in the doorway. The two outer streams differ substantially in terms of temperature and absolute air humidity. This can cause condensation at the point where the air streams meet. To prevent condensation, an intermediate air stream is added (B-stream). The latter is sucked in from the cold store and is heated, resulting in relatively low humidity.


Multi Air stream Technology
Multi Air stream Technology always ensures the correct setting (temperature & air humidity)



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