Circular Discharge Technology

The Comfort Circle cassette unit is equipped with the round outlet technology. This results in the following advantages:

  • homogeneous air distribution 
  • good downward penetration and air circulation
  • optimal functioning both during heating and cooling

Round outlet grille
The Comfort Circle is equipped with a round outlet grille. The intake and discharge of air take place through the same grille. The air is sucked in through the round openings in the middle of the grille. After the air is heated or cooled, it is evenly discharged (360 degrees) into the room via the outlets located on the side of the grille.  The round discharge pattern ensures an optimal and homogeneous air distribution. Indeed, by means of a low air velocity, a good downward penetration and air circulation are achieved.

Automatically adjustable ring
The discharge grille supplied with cassette units, which can both heat and cool, is provided with a patented adjustable discharge ring. The ring selects the correct discharge angle for heating or cooling. This means that downward penetration and air distribution are guaranteed both during heating and cooling.

 Circular discharge technology - heating mode

 Circular discharge technology - cooling mode


  • Air is discharged at a 45° angle
  • Ring is in the highest position


  • Air discharged along the ceiling (optimal use of coanda effect)
  • Ring is in the lowest position


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