With regards to Thermodynamics, there are two principles, heat follows cold and hot air rises. Looking into these rules will demonstrate how air moves around your rooms and how this relates to cooling and heating efficiency.

Rule 1 - Heat Follows Cold

If it’s 5 degrees Celsius outside and using your HVAC solution it’s 19 degrees Celsius inside your house -- and you open a window or door, the heat from inside will flow out through the window and keep flowing until the inside of the house matches the same temperature as outside. Like water, heat constantly seeks equilibrium; heat moves to cold until everything is the same temperature.

Since you probably spend much of your wintertime keeping the windows closed, you will still need to allow customers, staff and visitors in and out of the premises for meetings, visits etc.

Rule 2 - Hot Air Rises

This is the law of nature that makes the upper part of the room especially open plan ones warmer than ground level. You have most likely experienced this when sitting at your desk and your feet are cold but the rest of your body is warm. This is convection, and it’s responsible for a large proportion of the heat and cold lost inside buildings and causing uncomfortable working / shopping conditions.

As heat rises it needs to be generated as low down in the room as possible and the entire building should be considered. If you have one room that has adequate heating or cooling that leads or is adjacent to one that does not, the warm air when rising, will be pulling cooler air from unconditioned rooms in making your HVAC units work harder.

Now that we’re done with the science lesson, let’s see how Biddle can help?

We have designed technological advancements within the HVAC industry to allow our heaters to work against the natural forces of thermodynamics.

Our Noz2 ceiling mounted air heater and cooler is equipped with induction technology. This results in the following advantages:

•          Fast and even air distribution across the room

•          Minimal heat loss through ceiling and walls

•          Low temperature gradient

•          Fewer units needed as a large area is covered

•          15% reduction in required capacity

The NOZ2 ceiling mounted air heater is also equipped with adjustable nozzles, through which air is discharged at high velocity. These air streams take in the surrounding static air which leads to a mixture of air known as induction. Through this induction process, the warm air is evenly distributed across the room, resulting in a low temperature gradient.

The warm air is quickly and evenly distributed across the large room and does not remain hanging near the ceiling. As a result of this technology, a pleasant climate is maintained on the work floor.



Remember that part above about heated air follows cold and that you will need to allow customers / visitors and staff inside the building?. Biddle air curtains / air heaters can be fitted above the doorway on the inside, to form an invisible barrier. This barrier allows the door to be opened as usual, however, the airflow at velocity and as it can be heated, stops the cold air from escaping. This stops your heaters from having to work so hard, reducing both energy consumption and energy costs. Our air curtains also have technology that allows for improved performance against thermodynamics.

All Biddle air curtains (SR, DoorFlow, CITY, Style and MAT) are equipped with the patented rectifier technology. This results in the following advantages:

  • Significant climate separation efficiency
  • Excellent downward penetration
  • Laminar air flow 
  • Air curtain warmth benefits the indoor climate

The patented rectifier ensures that the air turbulence caused by the fans is transformed into a laminar air stream. The air stream reaches the floor at a much lower air speed than air curtains without the rectifier. The tight air stream prevents cold air from streaming out. This achieves a climate separation efficiency of over 90%.



Biddle Air Systems is always working on new ways to improve the performance and efficiency of every HVAC unit and solution we provide. We work closely with reputable bodies to provide affordable technical advancements to save you time in maintenance, downtime and cost.

Our team is on hand to help guide you through all the options available to make sure that we meet your HVAC specification perfectly.



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