Master and Slave Fan Convector Units

Fan convectors have for many years been acknowledged to be one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of heating a room quickly with the added benefit of subtle air ventilation. With minimal maintenance requirements, fan convectors rapidly distribute heat throughout a room whilst occupying much less wall space than a radiator of equivalent output. That's what makes our Forceflow Fan Convectors such a popular choice, when it comes to heating and ventilation.

It's Better When We Are Connected

Our expert designers are always looking for new ways to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of our units. That’s why we have designed a system that allows multiple units to be connected, with only the need for one unit to house controls. This way you can have units located across your room, all working together for heating and a ventilation system.

Save Time and Energy

Nobody wants to enter a building and then travel around clicking on each unit one at a time, checking they are at the correct settings. Linking units together puts a stop to this. As only one unit has controls, it isn’t possible for someone to lower the temperature on one unit and make the other units work harder – as soon as the master unit is switched on, so are all the others.

Linked fan convector units

So why not ask our teams about connecting your units together, saving you time and energy? 

  • Thermostats and Switches
    Either within the unit casing or wall mounted dependent upon particular specification

  • Master Unit
    Includes low temperature cut out thermostat (T4), on/off thermostat (T1), speed change thermostat (T2), on/off and 3-speed switches, summer/winter switch and 3 x 230v relays, dependent upon particular specification

  • Slave Units
    Includes 3 x 230v relays only – no other items

The Complete Solution

Biddle offer the complete climate solutions package. Air Curtains, Fan Convectors, Fan Coils, Industrial Heaters and Coolers and our Heat Recovery Systems. We are experts in our field with over 90 years’ experience. So rest assured if you need help and advice on any of our products, climate systems or ventilation in buildings, please get in touch.


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