How Do Air Curtains Work?

Wondering how air curtains work, and what the purpose of air curtains is? Our detailed guide has you covered. Any of our air curtains, including the SR, Doorflow and City, can be used in two ways:

  • Open doorway – used in this way, a stream of air would run continuously, keeping the cold air outside and the warm air inside.
  • Behind a closed door – alternatively, the air curtain can be used as a second line of defence behind a closed door, in which case the air curtain is activated only when the door opens. It comes to life, pushing air for a couple of seconds until the door is closed again.

In both cases, the curtain is mounted on the heated side of the doorway, extending across the length of the door opening. Its intake draws in air and pushes that air either straight down or at a slightly outward-tilted angle to push away any outside air that otherwise would enter through the doorway. This then creates an invisible barrier, that not only stops the cold air coming in, but also prevents flying insects from entering. Learn more about how our air curtains help against flying insects.

How can air curtain technology can save you money and energy?

1. i-sense Infrared Technology

The patented i-sense infrared technology carefully scans the environment around the doorway, collecting information on indoor and outdoor temperatures by measuring the exact temperature at floor level. In addition, the i-sense detects when the door is closed. Read more about our i-sense technology from our detailed guide.

2. Automatic CHIPS technology

The Automatic CHIPS control strategy continually monitors and adjusts to provide the most effective and efficient operation by varying the strength and heating independently. Information regarding indoor/outdoor temperature around the doorway is collected by means of various sensors. The CHIPS technology uses this information to select the correct settings. The temperature and fan speed of the IndAC2 and SR are automatically and independently adjusted to the changing conditions around the doorway. Learn more about technology chips now.

3. Rectifier Technology

Because of the difference in temperature between inside and outside areas, air always moves in the vicinity of an open door: warm air streams in and cold air streams out. The patented rectifier ensures that the air turbulence caused by the fans is transformed into a laminar air stream. The air stream reaches the floor at a much lower air speed than air curtains without the rectifier. The tight air stream prevents cold air from streaming out. This achieves a climate separation efficiency of over 90%. For more information on our Rectifier, read our informative guide.

We are here to help

We have an expert team that are on hand to guide you through the best product for your room, building climate solution needs. Whether you’re looking for comfort air curtains or industrial air curtains, are diverse range has you covered. For more information, get in touch with our helpful team now.


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