Heating And Cooling Combined In Comfort Circle

Biddle has taken the lead again in air heating equipment, by introducing the cassette air heater / cooler, model Comfort Circle. Biddle succeeded in developing a new outlet technology by designing an innovative ring in the outlet grille. The secret is hidden in the automatically controlled internal ring, which creates the most comfortable and efficient outlet pattern in the heating and cooling setting.

The combination of heating and cooling in one unit gives owners of shops and public buildings a lot of savings regarding the necessary installation. The room is heated or cooled in an efficient way, which results in a pleasant climate. The Comfort Circle fits perfectly in standard tile ceilings, only the modern outlet grille is visible.

Unique patented air outlet principle
The round outlet grille takes in air through the central holes. After heating up or cooling down the air, the air is discharged evenly across the room via the grooves at the side of the grille. The unique and patented ring in the outlet grille automatically chooses the right angle in the heating or cooling setting. Thus, the downward penetration and mixing of air is guaranteed in both situations. Heated air is blown out in an oblique angle to the floor. To create an optimal climate without draught, cold air is blown out along the ceiling.

Heating, cooling and ventilation
The Comfort Circle is available in two types: CC 60 (60 x 60 cm) and the CC 90 (90 x 90 cm). One CC 60 can heat and / or cool a room of 100 m2. For the CC 90 this is 200 m2. The Comfort Circle can be supplied in the following types: heating, cooling or as a combination and heating with the possibility of ventilation. The air heater / cooler is, as a standard, available in white (RAL 9010). Other colours are available at an additional cost.


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