Air Curtains For Use With Condensing Boilers

Having recently introduced the dual fuel Invisidor CA Hybrid air curtain, Biddle Air Curtains have now further extended their range of award winning units, by introducing the Invisidor CITY CB range - specifically designed to operate with energy efficient condensing boilers and lower water temperatures.
Invisidor air curtains have been proven to improve both the comfort of building occupants and the energy efficiency of the building itself, by preventing warm air inside the building escaping to the outside and by conditioning incoming air. Carefull control of air volume, air speed and discharge temperature is essential to guarantee comfortable draught-free entrance areas.
To operate with the lower water temperatures used by condensing boilers, the Invisidor CITY CB utilises a purpose-designed heater battery/coil with a large surface area to improve heat transfer. They are capable of providing up to 18kW of heating from a choice of six different sizes, in 4 different casing styles, to suit door heights of up to 3.2m.
With a more comprehensive range of air curtains then ever before, and with designers, installers and builing owners all seeking ever more energy efficient solutions, users will surely continue to value Biddle’s expertise in this area.


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