DECO Fan Coil Units

A pleasant work and living environment is determined to a large degree by the quality of the indoor climate. Fan coil units allow air conditioning for individual rooms and provide optimum control of the indoor climate by heating, cooling and/or ventilating the room. The Biddle DECO fan coil is a quiet unit, which can be positioned in the room to ensure the discharged air stream is distributed evenly across the room to achieve maximum comfort, without causing a nuisance to the people in it. DECO fan coil unit is adapted for use in the renovation of old buildings, as well as the construction of new ones.

Made-to measure Fan Coil

Usually, HVAC devices should blend in with their environment. That is why the external design matters.The DECO fan coil unit is available in 5 sizes, with and without casing, and can heat, cool or ventilate the room. The model with casing is available as a wall model or as a ceiling model and can be free standing or suspended. Another solution would be to incorporate the device into structures. The recessed model is easy to integrate into the wall or ceiling void.

Customer needs and specification requests vary, which is why Biddle has a very extensive range of fan coils. Need any more information about fan coil unit systems? Get in touch with a member of our expert team. Alternatively, explore our wide selection of Fan Coil units we offer here at Biddle. 

Why choose DECO?
  • Made-to-measure climate system
  • Quick heat up
  • Low noise level
  • Individually adjustable
  • Good heat distribution
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