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Industrial HVAC

Searching for the best industrial heating and cooling solutions? Biddle are here to help - providing the optimum industrial climate for multiple types of environments, from warehouses to factories. Our selection of industrial air curtains and industrial heaters allows you to easily adjust and tailor your industrial climate. So, why should you choose Biddle as your industrial HVAC partner?

Efficient logistics and comfort

Biddle offers a wide range of industrial air curtains for achieving an optimal climate separation at establishments with open doorways. Technological advances ensure an optimal climate separation in the door opening - warm air at ceiling level is re-used to automatically maintain a comfortable working environment at floor level, thus ensuring a constant climate. This process will result in fast and safe transport together with a stable, comfortable indoor climate and significant energy savings.

Project management

Managing your project from analysis to installation, from commissioning to monitoring? Biddle has it covered. With a considerable amount of experience, Biddle will be your partner throughout this entire process. All with one goal: the best industrial climate solution for your building.


For more information on industrial HVAC, and how our industrial air curtains and industrial heaters can help control the climate in your working environment, contact us now.

Why Biddle

  • Fast and safe logistics
  • Comfortable working conditions
  • Energy-saving climate solutions
  • Project management


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