IsolAir Chilled Room Air Curtain

Optimal climate separation
The IsolAir chilled room air curtain is the perfect solution for indoor climate separation which does not require heating. Fitting an IsolAir model above the doorway ensures an ideal separation between two temperature zones, whilst energy consumption is kept to a minimum. The air curtain is specifically designed for indoor climate separation where several climate zones are more or less constant. The IsolAir is applied in chilled rooms of production companies and distribution centres and in small cold stores in supermarkets.

Easy logistics
By separating the climate zones, the IsolAir makes it possible to keep the door open whilst maintaining the temperatures in each climate zone at a constant level. The entrance is kept accessible for transport with safer and faster logistics and easy traffic movements as a result.


Why choose IsolAir?
  • Efficient climate separation between rooms
  • Fast and safe logistics
  • Comfortable working conditions
  • Special design for smaller applications
  • Semi-automatic controls
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