Innovair Fresh Air Fan Convector

Intelligent Heating & Ventilation
A lack of ventilation compromises comfort causing headaches, nausea and a generally stale and stuffy atmosphere. Conventional means of introducing fresh air into buildings are usually uncontrolled and very wasteful of energy.

has therefore been developed to provide controlled volumes of fresh air, control of space temperature and free/night cooling. It has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of all the regulations (eg. BB87, BB93, BB101 & Part L2A & L2B of Building Regulations) covering heating and ventilation equipment in schools.

All Innovair units incorporate a patented ‘cyclic’ fresh air damper system, which allows the amount of outside air entering the space to be accurately metered and varied in line with occupants’ fresh air requirements.

To read about the importance of ventilation in schools and places of worship, click here

Why choose Innovair?
  • Quick heat up
  • Precise control of draught-free ventilation
  • Energy efficient heating
  • Designed to meet the regulations
  • Many different styles
  • Simple to install
  • Various control options

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