Heat Wave Radiant Panels

Heat will always travel from a hot surface to a colder one, and the warmth we feel from the sun is due to the energy it emits, warming people and objects rather than the air. In much the same way radiant panels warm objects and surfaces, which in turn radiate heat and warm the air. In fact at the same ambient temperature people feel more comfortable when exposed to radiant heat.

Designed to provide energy savings without any loss in comfort Biddle’s radiant heating range comprises three alternative panel systems, Each of which are individually designed to match the specific requirements of the building.

All Biddle radiant panels have been tested and accredited in accordance with the latest European standard EN 14037 72:2003. This independent verification, by HLK Stuttgart University, confirms the accuracy of the performance data and the quality of the construction.

All Biddle radiant panels offer innovation in design, output and efficiency, as well as being lightweight and easy to install.

Why choose heat wave radiant panels?
  • Energy savings
  • Minimal stratification
  • Unobtrusive & space saving
  • No noise
  • Low maintenance
  • Constant performance
  • Damage resistant


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