PRO270 Fan Coil Unit

Through our years of experience and working closely with our customers, we have a clear understanding of the challenges facing the UK market and have developed a range of energy efficient, quiet, easy to install, powerful cooling solutions: The PRO270 fan coil range.

This range is the latest addition to the extensive Biddle offering of high performing and energy efficient HVAC solutions. Suited equally to new build and refurbishment projects, the PRO270 meets the stringent requirements of the UK specification market. The large range of options available allows customers to create a tailored climate solution for each individual space, ensuring the right unit can be selected to meet the exact requirements of your room.

Internally lined to ensure the quietest of operation, our new fan coil range utilises the most energy efficient motors available. The PRO270 range uses less than half the energy, mandated for in the building regulations.



The PRO270 range are ideal for exposed situations due to their low noise levels but are equally suitable for installation behind false ceilings. Painted options are also available so, there really is a solution for every application.

Where a project has strict noise levels to meet, an acoustic inlet extension can be provided to minimise the speed of the motors to reduce the overall sound levels.

Biddle’s fan coil units have been proven over many years in commercial office buildings, installations in banks, public buildings, commercial offices and universities.

Why choose the Biddle PRO270?
  • Quiet in operation
  • Multiple sizes for ease of configuration
  • Energy efficient
  • High performing internal components
  • Control flexibility and extended drip tray to suit
  • Available in galvanised steel or powder coated white or black
  • Manufactured in the UK
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