Powerbreez fan coil unit

Available as a horizontal chassis waterside control fan coil Powerbreez incorporates a number of ground-breaking and design achievements, the most significant of which – the Patented Revolutionary Air Inlet Design – is used to greatly reduce noise.

Following much work with noise experts, such as the Sound Research Laboratories Ltd, a thorough understanding of how fan coil noise could be reduced lead to the air intake end of the traditional fan coil being dramatically re-engineered and the resulting design patented. The traditional single inlet has been replaced by two smaller side inlets, with air vanes, which reduces noise by circa 4dB and allows much more flexibility in positioning the return air grille.

Powerbreez has been widely used in projects where guaranteed performance, particularly noise, is of paramount importance.

Why choose Powerbreez?
  • Low noise
  • High output
  • Energy efficient
  • Ease of commissioning
  • Control flexibility
Powerbreez air intake
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