Modulair Fan Coil Units

Regarded as either a massive fan coil or mini air handling system Modulair comprises a basic heating and/or cooling section, with various other modules selected to provide a site-specific system.

Able to deal with external resistances of up to 250Pa and provide high levels of filtration and noise attenuation Modulair is often used when lengthy runs of ductwork cannot be avoided, and when high volumes of fresh air are required.

Installed within the ceiling void the various modules fit tightly together and, being only 230mm high, can be used in applications where space is at a premium.

Broad scope
The Modulair fan coil units are extremely suitable for renovating old or constructing new buildings, for offices, meeting rooms, hotels, schools, care centres, hospitals, server rooms, shops, cinemas and museums. 

Why choose ModulAir?
  • Flexible and modular climate system
  • Only 230 mm high
  • Optimal air distribution
  • Low noise level
  • Control flexibility

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