Isotherm Fan Coil Units

Proven, high quality fan coils
Recognising the demand for high performance fan coils on certain projects Biddle sourced the best quality components and developed a fan coil which has been proven in many prestigious installations.

Individual direct-drive fans, rather than a fan deck, ensure the highest performance and quiet operation, with a flame retardant polymeric-based drain tray enabling steam cleaning in environments such as hospitals. Filters, of an EU2 grade, are of a cardboard frame type which can be removed without dismantling the ceiling grid. Available as an ‘on-show’ cased variant for high or low level use. 

Why choose Isotherm?
  • Top quality construction & finish
  • Individual direct drive fans
  • Energy efficient
  • Cased or chassis option
Manual Isotherm cased
Manual Isotherm chassis

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