CWC Chilled Water Cassette Fan Coil Units

With many commercial and public buildings using 600mm x 600mm suspended ceiling grids, Biddle has developed CWC compact cassette fan coil, designed to fit seamlessly into the grid and optimise energy efficiency and air distribution performance.

Compact Cassette Fan Coil

Available in two sizes - 600mm x 600mm or 900mm x 900mm and 300mm deep – and six models, the CWC fan coil units are available as cooling only or cooling and heating climate solutions. The smaller size model, which measures just 600mm square, will fit into the space of a standard ceiling tile. The elegant air inlet grille also blends aesthetically with any room décor. Under typical operating conditions of up to 4kW sensible cooling, 11kW water heating or 3 kW electric heating can be achieved. 

Various Heat Sources

The CWC cassette fan coil is available in three versions:

  • Chilled water cooling only
  • Chilled water cooling with electric heating
  • Chilled water cooling with hot water heating

All units have connections for fresh air ducts that considerably improve indoor quality.


Biddle CWC chilled water fan coil offers a modern climate solution for a wide variety of small and medium sized commercial and residential applications. It is ideally suited for large offices, shops, restaurants and bars, hotel receptions, meeting rooms, banks, laboratories, showrooms, etc. The units offer an ultra-low-noise solution for applications where low noise level is important.

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Why choose CWC?
  • Designed to fit within typical suspended ceiling grid
  • Four way distribution via purpose designed grille
  • Fitted with condensate pump and washable filter
  • Energy efficient
  • Access to all components from underneath

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