SensAir comfort air curtain

A new wave in climate separation
The SensAir has been developed to deliver greater comfort than a conventional air curtain whilst providing considerable energy savings. The SensAir air curtain, does not act as a barrier in the place of a door, its prime role is to reduce the amount of warm air leaving the building and condition the incoming air to a comfortable temperature. The SensAir air curtain delivers the right air flow and temperature at the right time automatically, reducing energy loss.

Intelligent control and monitoring
There are an extensive range of control options; touchscreen control (b-touch), remote monitoring and integration with a Building Management System (BMS). Connecting to a BMS is easy through a standard Modbus Protocol connection.

The flexibility in control means that whatever the conditions and whatever your control requirements the SensAir will conserve energy by not just keeping warm air inside the building and cold air outside but by intelligently using as little power as necessary.

Why choose SensAir?
  • Energy efficient and high comfort
  • Auto-active control
  • Remote monitoring
  • Low sound level
  • User and maintenance friendly
  • Control flexibility
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Manual Modbus
Software update
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