Invisidor Doorflow Comfort Air Curtain

Comfort air curtains are acknowledged to enhance comfort conditions in commercial environments by creating an air barrier at the entrances or doorways of the establishments. However, with routine maintenance procedures, such as cleaning filters, a drop-off in performance can result, which is often ignored and leads to increased energy costs. An increase in noise can also take place. 

Filter free air curtain

With this in mind, the Invisidor DoorFlow air curtain has been carefully developed to minimise maintenance. A purpose designed coil/heater battery reduces the build-up of dust and debris between the coil fins to such an extent that filters are no longer necessary. Having no filters means the Invisidor DoorFlow doesn’t just offer minimal maintenance but also provides a continuous and consistent long-lasting level of performance to maximise energy savings. 

How DoorFlow air curtain works

The Invisidor DoorFlow air curtain warms the cold air before it enters the building and prevents the escape of warm air through the open door. By installing the Invisidor DoorFlow above the door, it increases energy efficiency, prevents draught problems and proves that an open door and a comfortable indoor climate can coexist perfectly well.

Available in a variety of paint finishes, Invisidor DoorFlow comfort air curtain has a minimalist style, being designed to look excellent in all types of entrance environments – from fashionable department stores to universities and colleges. And because it is modular in nature, any number of units can be joined together to create one seamless air curtain covering any door width.

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Why choose DoorFlow commercial air curtains?
  • Minimalist design
  • Filter free
  • Long lasting performance
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Energy saving Econtrol
  • Performance enhancing patented discharge rectifier
Rectifier grille
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